foods to avoid Sleepy in afternoon || List of foods to avoid sleepy in office

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Sometimes it can be very difficult to get past lunch in the office. Because most people fall asleep only in the afternoon

Even if it comes to the seat after eating, the AC air is a quiet environment and our body can fall asleep without listening to our speech.

There are many reasons why a person may fall asleep during the day. Among them are not getting good sleep the night before, poor lifestyle, sugar intake, body energy level and overeating lunch.

Usually at lunch they eat rice, bread, chapati, barota, sandwich, burger, pizza etc. Let me try you a slightly different lunch.

I mean, can you try some special lunches that prevent you from falling asleep at lunch? The first thing to remember is,

Avoid eating heavy meals. Because Heavy Meals can trigger laziness.

In this video we are given some lunches that are suitable to eat during lunch while working in the office to avoid falling asleep.
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