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Chia News - Chia Price Prediction, Datalayer dApps, Pawket Wallet Updates, NamesDAO Grants

இந்தியா, இலங்கை சமூக வலைத்தளம். 

Share what's new and life moments with your india & Sri lanka friends.
Chia News this week includes a lot of topics. We grab a quick Chia Price prediction with the CAT, Pawket adding great features, Datalayer dApps are launching, NamesDAO starts a grants program. I also give my take on why greater regulation may be a homogenizing risk for Cryptocurrencies.

Spriggan - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_LIsH1VD7w
Pawket Mobile Chia Wallet - https://twitter.com/pawket_app/status/1598868344622690307?s=46&t=wiibqY5RhaIM4sh9-AdwlA
NamesDAO Grants -https://twitter.com/RightSexyOrc/status/1599142076691542016
Proof of Treasure GameFi - https://gamefi.to/detail/proof_of_treasure

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