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On Bigg Boss show, Aseem said that he will use the money he won to spend on the education of the underprivileged.

Big Boss
While 21 contestants participated in the beginning of the Bigg Boss show, now three contestants namely Shivin, Aseem and Vikraman are the final contestants.

Maina Nandini was evicted at midnight a few days ago. The eviction came as a surprise to many.

As the three finalists are Aseem, Vikraman and Shiveen, the question of who is the winner among the two Aseem and Vikraman is being raised more and more.

Because there is a political party leader Thirumavalavan supporting Vikraman, it is expected that he will win. What is Aseem doing with the prize money?
Speaking in front of the camera, Aseem said, "Forgive me for the small mistakes I have made and the words I have spoken in anger. I am asking you to get me...

I am helping children who have lost their parents in Corona. I need money now to fulfill my dream of bearing their educational expenses.
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6

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